Yearly maint.

It is that time of year. You know, the yearly maintenance. This maintenance will have an overhaul of changes. At least that is the idea. The basic domain name to the setup with a slew of new stuff. Again, that’s the idea. The two biggest things I will be working on is changing the domain name due to the fact that there is another line called the Misty Mynx. It’s a clothing line for women, which is really sad because the Misty mynx was the name of my night club in my story Crimson regret for years now. I’m honestly just going to change it to something simple like The Lusty Mynx or something like that so that it can truly reflect the content within the website. Then of course the setup. I know that i’ve missed on a few pages and it made navigating this website a little difficult and I don’t even have my archives set up. So for the next 3 weeks, I will be working on fixing up the website and making those changes. My down time will involve getting all my new content together so that there will be a massive upload when it comes back up.
I will do the changes steadily and slowly so that I can leave the website up for you all to browse while it’s going through those changes. If anything occurs out of the ordinary, email me at because my admin email will be going through a name change and settings change as well.

When it gets closer to the end of the second week, I will post an update with a time stamp of when this will all conclude and when you can expect a massive upload. However, for now, as long as no surprises happen I can tell you it will be done before the month’s end.

Update on medical issues:

I do have what seems to be an ulcer, which does not seem to be healing the way that it should. It was not caused by the bacteria that causes them either. It was caused by a medication I take. I have since stopped using that medication and now it’s just left up to my body to heal itself. Which can take weeks to months. This means that antiacid and a bland diet will be my best friends for a little while longer.

I have uploaded another fan art of Harley and a preview of the next page to my comic.

I appreciate you all and the amount of support you all have shown me. I can’t wait to suprise you all with this update. I’m so excited and…truthfully, a little nervous lol.



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