Previews to next week uploaded

Previews to the new comic “Abaddon” have been uploaded. They are only sketches and drafts so far. I’ve decided that it’s going to be a side story to my main one “Crimson Regret”. Both will only be posted here. Remember pages 1-5 are available to all memberships, including the free ones. Anything past 5, memberships must be upgraded.

The rest of the content to be posted will be posted tonight at 8pm mountain time. That should give me some time to finish the video edits, upload the content, charge my computer and phone.

Uploads for today:

  1. Ciel as fairy – Page Pin up
  2. Ciel and Magala coupling – Erotica L. art page
  3. 2 speedpaint videos – Page video & gifs
  4. 3 pages to comic Abaddon – Up coming content page

Remember, contact me any time you have any questions. All account glitches and issues have been resolved thus far.

For anything not adult related in terms of updates, please visit


Edit at 6:43pm mtn time: Everything has been uploaded and ready to view by misty mynx members.




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