A little bit of a change

Alright guys,


I know that I didn’t really do much of an update this weekend, but that’s because I’ve been doing some thinking. After doing some research, I’ve decided that I’m going to change upload days. Instead of my upload days being on Saturday’s, I’ll be changing them to Monday’s. That way, it gives me two full weekend days to finish up any content that’s not finished and the ability to sketch out new concepts without interruption. Due to the schools going to full time eLearning, I have been spending a lot of time helping my kids out with school work and obviously, weekends they don’t need help in that sense.

So if anyone has any questions or concerns about this change, please me at admin@mistymynx.org

or fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you asap. I thank you deeply for your understanding. That also means this coming Monday, there will be a lot more content uploaded than in previous weeks.

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