Up coming content change

The Up coming content page has been updated and added to the free and 1 week trial memberships as promised. Some new content has been added to the erotica pages that can be viewed as paid members as well.

School has been transferred over to eLearning early, which has slowed my progress a little bit, due to some staff testing positive for Covid. However, the good news; they have a vaccine ready to be released after it goes through the normal safety and FDA checks. It will go to all emergency personnel such as medical workers first, then essential employees (IE teachers & some retailers) and then to the general population. It has a 94.7% success rate which beats the flu shot’s 50% success rate.
I would look it up on your state’s or the CDC’s website to get more information. I hope you all find this information helpful.

Back to my website.
I will be going through a huge overhaul on maintanence and updates. My goal is to make it more user friendly, simple and maybe make it more interactive for my users. Like leaving comments, forums, etc. As for uploading their own pictures or stories, I’m still deciding on that. If I do end up allowing it and making it possible, it will be heavily monitored. Why? Well, I want this website to be a place for people to visit and feel safe. Sexuality is supposed to be fun, healthy and free. BUT, there are some practices that violate those three and I will do my best to keep those specifics out.


For those that have signed up and registered with me, I am currently working on some gifts (which is also slowing down website upload a little bit) to show how much my family appreciates your support and patreonage.

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