Why here?

The Misty Mynx operates with discretion and privacy for its users. Here at the Misty Mynx, we value your information as if it were our own.

Why choose the Misty Mynx?


  1. 100% Original Content
  2. Unique, creative and fun
  3. Inexpensive
  4. Safe place for furry, LBGTQ, kink
  5. Consistent updates
  6. Independently owned. Knowing where your money goes and not to a mysterious, corporate ghost.



Do you feel safe visiting those other sites and offering up your information? Have you had a problem in the past unknowingly downloading a harmful virus? Misty Mynx uses all the latest in website and user protection, constantly scanning for anything malicious, so you can fee safe inside this safe space.


Are you bored with the same theme saturating the market? Looking for different, creative, maybe a little bit of adventure?

Maybe, you have a few ideas of your own…Maybe you don’t want to spend $5 per private message to send in those ideas…

Misty Mynx Home

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